We know…

  1. Urban sprawl has many negative effects including:
    Traffic congestion
    Air pollution
    – Reduced Health and Life Expectancy
    – Higher road and infrastructure costs
    – Concentration of poverty in the inner city
    – Increased carbon emissions
  2. A primary driver of sprawl is dysfunctional schools that force middle-income families out of cities
  3. Charter schools, private school scholarships and other school choice programs have shown promise in overcoming the current dysfunctional assigned-school model
  4. Public education delivery should be reformed so that all socioeconomic groups have choices that do not require moving out of the city
  5. For the environment, some school choice is good, and more school choice is better

Research shows…

The least costly and most significant policy change that cities and states can enact to improve the environment is to allow abundant school choice.

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