Who We Are

Environmentalists for Effective Education is a national organization that supports research and disseminates information regarding how educational options for families in urban areas combats both urban blight and suburban sprawl. Currently both blight and sprawl result from families moving out of our nation’s cities in search of their preferred school options in the suburbs. Forcing middle-income families into the suburbs is not desirable for cities, for families, or for the environment.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to support research and educate environmentally conscious citizens of the benefits of expanded and abundant educational options in our cities. We seek to empower families to make choices that allow them to remain in urban areas. Environmentalists for Effective Education believe that many families who currently move to the suburbs when their children reach school age would choose to remain in the more diverse and convenient city environment if they could choose the schools that their children attend. Where schools are concerned, families should be free to choose, and free to stay.

For more information, visit our new site: www.effective-ed.org.

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